Marantz Cdr 630 Professional Cd Recorder



I'm selling this item As Is.  I purchased this item for over $700.00 and recorded many vinyl records and old cassettes onto CD.  However as the years went by and CDs were rated for recording at higher speeds I found that the new CDRs would no longer work in this machine.  I have read on blogs that if you purchase 1X - 4X 650mb CDRs they will work but I have not tried that.  I know the system still powers up and plays CDs but it will no longer record unless you can find the right type of CD-R or CD-RW.  So I will let this item go extremely cheap with no returns and no guarantees.  It will be shipped in its original box.

Here's some information on the unit:

You record CDs from audio sources such as CD, DAT, MD and PCs via either a coaxial or optical connection. Built-in sample rate converter (SRC) allows any frequency between 32-48kHz to be input and converted to the CD standard of 44.1kHz.

When input is exactly 44.1kHz, the CDR-630 will by pass the SRC, thus allowing an exact copy of the source to be made Analog sources, such as cassette tape decks or mixing boards, can be input via either an unbalanced (RCA) or balanced (XLR) connection Uses both CD-R and CD-RW discs Complete Orange and Red Book compatibility Ignores SCMS (copy protect) Auto start feature plus a CD/DAT/MD Track ID reader Full function IF remote control included.


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